1240 Podcast EP025 – Profitless Porn Proof, Pedogate Outrage and Trump is Biff

Drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning listening to ill-informed patter from Rodders and Harv.

This week, we posit the possibility of porn without profit, reluctantly discuss the possibility that pedogate might be the biggest news story to break in our lifetime, and consider the conspiracy theory that Trump is in fact Biff with a stolen DeLorean.


Porn without Profit Proof? vid.me/5pDd4

Robert David Steele on pedogate: youtu.be/ugnVQUkBqRs

People’s brainwaves match those around them: www.businessinsider.com.au/neuroscient…life-2017-7

Charlie Sheen exposed as pedophile? youtu.be/KDNfhldhKI8

Trump is Biff? youtu.be/Lw6-jz8srZo