EP041 – Same Two Talentless Hacks, New Format

This week we’re back with a new segment-based format. This episode we talk about why Rodders ruined the podcast, have our now regular rapid-fire catch up, and discuss the big topics facing humanity today.

Find out what Google has been up to in “Big Tech Fuckery”, how that bitch Christine Legarde is attempting to slander bitcoin in “Fucken Globalists”, learn Harv and Rodders deep-seated regrets in “My Secret Shame” and laugh as Harv ineptly vets his stand up material in “Heckle Me This”.

And if you’re feeling randy and like blue booty, we’ve got a Spank Bank segment just for you.

## LINKS ##

Spank Bank – Blue Booty:
(apologies, it looks like Stephymoon_ has given up on her Chaturbate gig)

My Secret Shame – Luke Slurkowski:

Big Tech Fuckery – Googz Burying OZ News:

Fucken Globalists – Christine Craps on Crypto: